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Welcome to #hack66

From Liebl, F., Düllo, T., Kiel, M. (2005) Cultural Hacking: Art of Strategic Action: 
A "hack" was originally an expression for journalistic work with unorthodox means. It 
then transferred very quickly to the field of data processing, because programmers were 
always challenged to make detours and develop creative solutions... 
David J. Gunkel (2001, 6) writes: "[...] hacking is a form of exploring and manipulating 
that not only learns how a specific system behaves but discovers how to use its tools and 
procedures against and in excess of the necessary limitations of its own programming.

*You can find us at, which links with our IRC channel and includes logs!* This is where you can hang out, direct questions, report bugs and so on.
Update August 2018: Due to em.. hacking attempts / flooding we've restricted the channel to by invitation only on matrix, and to requiring a key to enter, on IRC: nicosia


We're on with Lakatamia Municipality & Phygital! This is massive. Big changes coming soon.

We're moving to another physical location which means that our weekly Wednesday meets are somewhere different each time.
Find out where at, which links with our IRC channel and includes logs! That's also where you can hang out, direct questions, report bugs and so on.

We've been very busy! Massive international programme busy!
More soon..

We can haz observatory!
[link soon!]

hack66 was challenged by ARTos to take on something along the lines of “Innovation Night” at the Structure.
Not(es) on Innovation

17/03/3016 (sic!)
Project List

New Project: Mini arduino cnc ploter w/ dvd-rom parts by mArOulLa_

12/2015 Previous Event: Barbeque Technology Demo:

15/11/2015 aceCY aka the Structure / η Δομή is running.
fb project page:
fb event page:

15/10/2015 Acecy is back on!
And it's going to be a monster made of junk!
We're currently collecting metal pipes. Do you have any?

14/10/2015 We're working with the P2P Lab in Athens, and OpenLabs in Albania on setting up a Design Global Manufacture Local network of makerspaces. here!
Dedicated wiki page coming soon.

5/8/2015 For the adafruit bulk order put down what you need here

13/7/2015 Observatory page Membership system

Old News

13.7.2015 We have plans for Wednesday 15.7.2015. Karvouna, Rube Goldberg machine, solar-stuff, & T + The Cous [of Kairoskopion & KarKoona] decided it's time they stop by. Also world, feel free to check out our accounts

26.6.2015 Marios is around for a few days so we're housekeeping & talking about data interception & an observatory. Loizos is M.I.A. but we're not worried. Yiannis A hasn't uploaded the stuff yet but he made a massive sword so that's OK. Nee is going on about making our own rube goldberg machine. Aside from Yiannis H (3D priniting), our external collaborators now include the legendary Steliart (woodworking). Conversations about time-travel.

28.3.2015 - Got word from Burning Man Grant eh

18.3.2015 - Working to finalise our membership system.
Membership's been free and open till now, while access to the space was limited, but as resources accumulate so do questions about their management. Working on this here.

Celebrating big time!
We've become part of adafruit's hackerspace programme!
This means great awesomeness as well as discounts! Take a look at their shop & get in touch at neeuqii at hack66 dot info by March 15th 2015, to be part of our first bulk discounted order!

Burning Man Arts Grant Application sent! Waiting for news early March! Fingers crossed for a kick-ass public (art) installation of functional power-tools y'all!

YIKES! Approaching the deadline for the final round of our funding application to Burning Man Arts: 1st of February.
Come check out our progress & drop us a line at

- Arduino coincidences: Hardware Freedom Day 2015
Saturday 17/01/2015, 18:00 at hack66

-Our ACEcy project has been shortlisted for a Burning Man Arts Grant!
Full proposal Deadline: 1st Feb 2015. Let's get it together people!

-Proudly launching the peer-to-peer learning program at hack66! (It was happening anyway but now it has its own page).
Μάσσιαλλα, να και έναν πρόγραμμαν ανοικτής μάθησης - τσεκ ητ!

What is this?

#hack66 is a hackerspace of sorts located in Nicosia, Cyprus.

#hack66 aims to be the physical space that empowers local communities to gather, experiment, share and create.
Its main goal is to promote the mindset of openness and sustainable innovation in Cyprus.

Το #hack66 είναι κάτι σαν hackerspace στη Λευκωσία.

Στόχος του είναι να λειτουργήσει ως φυσικός χώρος όπου άτομα και κοινότητες μπορούν να συγκεντρωθούν, να πειραματιστούν, να μοιραστούν ιδέες και προβλήματα, εν τέλει να δημιουργήσουν, προωθώντας τη νοοτροπία της βιώσιμης καινοτομίας και της ελεύθερης ανοικτής παραγωγής.

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