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 +====== Fedora 20 Release Party ======
 +**Saturday 15/2, 17:00**
 +[[https://​fedoraproject.org|Fedora]] is a Linux distribution based on free software only, with a great community of contributors all around the world.\\
 +Fedora recently released version [[https://​fedoraproject.org/​en/​get-fedora|20 "​Heisenberg"​]] and celebrated its 10th anniversary. It's been a decade of freedom, friends, features, and first!
 +\\ \\
 +There will be a screening of the video created by volunteers to celebrate the 10th anniversary and a short presentation on [[https://​fedoraproject.org/​wiki/​Fedora.next|Fedora.NEXT]] project, which will create three different Fedora target products - Fedora Workstation,​ Fedora Cloud, and Fedora Server.