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 +Hi, I'm Dimitris (aka `wfdd`). ​ I work with opening parliament data on [[https://​github.com/​openpatata|openpatata]]. ​ I put openpatata together in the summer of 2014 with the assistance of two of my friends; the erstwhile openpatata was a parliament monitor in the likeness of TheyVoteForYou (Australia) or openpatata.ca. ​ I archived the [[http://​​8002/​|website]] in 2015 and resolved to building individual components that are easier to upkeep. ​ The first of these is [[http://​erotiseis.cynaxis.org/​|erotiseis]],​ a web UI for MP questions to ministers. ​ I've also had a part in creating [[http://​neavouli.eu|neavouli]] in the rup-up to the '16 legislative election in the south, a site for crowdsourcing candidate data.  Together with [[wiki:​user:​local]] we've been (periodically) trying to [[https://​www.researchcatalogue.net/​view/​310091/​310092|make sense]] of the open data landscape in Cyprus and nee went on to present our work during NeMe's nEUROsis exhib in Nov 2016.