About #hack66

We have different ways of describing what this is and who we are.
In plainspeak, #hack66 is an innovation centre/hackerspace hybrid that is only just beginning to take form, with real-space premises at the Artos Cultural and Research Foundation, in Nicosia Cyprus. It is open and welcoming to all, providing infrastructure and collaboration opportunities for anyone interested in programming, hardware, crafts, science, robotics, halloumi, art, and technology. We teach, we learn, and we share openly, with no leaders. Following the hackerspace spirit, we have one rule: Be excellent to each other.

As a physical platform #hack66 combines three elements:
A hacker space (a place where artists, programmers, inventors gather, exchange ideas, use free open platforms and bring new innovative projects, ideas, policies and actions that can be considered as new products and addressed to the society),
A center of innovation (a place to attract creative and innovative thinkers, support, mentor and network them and secure the implementation),
A fablab that brings new experience and training on new technologies through practical workshops, i.e. 3D design & printing, to the local creative industry by utilizing experts, local or international.

#hack66 has so far developed the following structure and capacity:
#hack66 has been able to function on three levels: the “core”, consisting of specific project coordinators, mentors and the interaction between them; the “suburbs” where there is interaction with other similar projects and organizations that have an interest/benefit in this (i.e. local authorities, investors, local industry and individuals), and the “periphery” which is the general audience and the media, that can have a fortnightly presentation/dialogue and training.

Opening hours

Come along on one of our Open Wednesdays for starters!

What can I do here?

Meet techie, arty, and crafty people
Show what you've been working on
Ask questions and find help for something you want to build
Find tools to borrow or workshops to get help from (by asking around we figure we can pretty much find just about anything, this theory is currently being tested)
Build something out of stuff that's lying around
Join a running project
Claim a quiet place to do your own work, among other things
Oh and try to beat the high score on the “thing”

Please refrain from nuclear testing in the garden.

Getting Here

See Location


Do I need to be a member?
You don't have to be a member to be here. All like-minded people are welcome! Although we aren't open all the time, #hack66 Open Wednesdays are a great place to hang out and work on projects. You wont be asked to pay a membership fee, although donations are highly appreciated.

How do I become a member?
2b1ask1: To be one ask one. Come and introduce yourself get to know us, see the place and if you feel the vibe, you're welcome to our space. Also create an account in this wiki.
If you'd like to become a Keyholder, keep reading.

The infrastructure
Working on it here.

Meetings are every Wednesday we assembly co agree on what needs be doing.
Minutes from previous assemblies are logged in this wiki.

Hack66 doesn't have a whole lot of its own tools at the moment, but the community is ever-growing as a network of practitioners who are willing to share knowledge and resources off-site. It's likely we can help you with what you need and bring you in touch with people with similar interests.

Where can I find out more?
The wiki duh… And the [#hack66] Mailing List!
Or you might prefer the facebook group.
Or you can come along on a Wednesday!

Events, workshops, classes!
Every week we'll try and have activities at #hack66, planned and otherwise. Check the wiki for upcoming events, workshops, and classes. And feel free to add your own.
#hack66 is a fairly open and permissive space, and the equipment (unless otherwise marked) is open for public use. Safety first! Feel free to come to #hack66 to work and play on your project, or help others with theirs.
Space at #hack66 is available as a community resource, please use it!

Can I leave my stuff here?
Use your judgement when leaving valuables here. #hack66 is not responsible for lost or stolen items. There is a lost and found box in the main room. Members can leave items on a labeled shelf for an extended period. Please label any projects left here with your name, email, and the date. Putting your project into a box labeled with your name is best.