Our space and resources are limited at this stage.
Until we grow enough to move to a bigger place and buy more interesting tools,
this is how we've decided to manage things. - Indicative
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Explanation of do-ocracy
Also see Open Space Technology:

While the mechanics of Open Space provide a simple means to self-organize, it is the underlying principles that make it effective both for meetings and as a guidepost for individual and collective effectiveness.

The Law of Two Feet — a foot of passion and a foot of responsibility — expresses the core idea of taking responsibility for what you love. In practical terms, the law says that if you’re neither contributing nor getting value where you are, use your two feet (or available form of mobility) and go somewhere where you can. It is also a reminder to stand up for your passion.

From the law flow four principles:

  Whoever comes is the right people\\
  Whatever happens is the only thing that could have\\
  Whenever it starts is the right time\\
  When it’s over, it’s over\\

Membership Process

Our space and resources are limited at this stage so until we grow enough to move to a bigger place and buy more interesting tools, this is how we've decided to manage things:


Anyone can become a member of hack66.
Registration is free: just register on the wiki and come join us for the open days
Our members have a hand in the running of the organisation.
As of March 2015, members have free access to the space and the equipment all day on Wednesdays and some Saturdays as well as on-demand, by contacting a Keyholder. Members are eligible to apply for Keyholder status after two months membership, and with the endorsement of two Keyholders and the Senate

Fee (not final) Initial members sign-on for free (claimable membership). From September 2015 onwards we’ll likely require a small monthly fee to support our expenses. For those who may wish to pay in alternative currency we’re happy to talk more about time-banking.


Hack66 accounts must be freely accessible and kept up to date here

Keyholders (seasonal)

Keyholder status depends on space requirements and limitations.
Keyholders have 24/7 access to the space and the equipment, for a pre-decided period of time (a season), in order to complete a project or to provide a service.
Their status is likely to be extended or renewed by the Senate, depending on demand.
Keyholders can bring in non-members to form a team

Keyholder projects:
- Belong solely to the keyholders with no obligations to hack66, although priority is likely to be given to open projects (broadly defined).
- Can belong to a person or a team.
- Must have a beginning and an end!

Keyholders' responsibilities:
- Completing the Keyholders agreement
- Creating a project page on the wiki and keeping it up to date
- Co-ordinating with the others to open the space for Open Days
- Housekeeping / Keeping the place in working order.
- Sharing what they know
- Responsibility for space & equipment (closing lights, doors, electricity, security precautions). - Responsible for sign-in sheet for guests
- Completing their project / handing it on to others if it’s stuck
- Returning the key when their project is finished

Keyholder status may be revoked in a formal; transparently made and justified; decision issued by the Senate
- If the key isn’t used in 2+ months, - If a project page isn’t updated in 4+ months - At the end of the season as defined during the keyholder application and if no application for renewal is made, or is not approved. - After a complaint from other keyholders regarding conduct that is jeopardising the space or the community.

Senate (Gerousia)

Once they finish their terms, and if they like, Keyholders can become members of the Senate.
The senate is made up of previous Keyholders.
Their role is to have the final say about things concerning the space, they make infrastructural decisions, mediate in case of disputes, and grant, renew or revoke Keyholder status.
They endorse / nominate / mentor projects. If there is controversy on which projects to include a members council is called to make a decision.

Founding members

hack66's relationship with ARTos is also a relationship of trust between the founding members: misaakidis, local and achilleas. They have honourary Keyholder status and will serve as members of the Senate until they choose to retire. It is hoped that they will be able to do so when hack66 grows enough to move out of ARTos and into its own place.

Current projects

[as of 26/6/2015]

  Workbench (Yiannis)
  Sitting (Loizos)
  Framed (Constantinos)
  Access Control (Loizos, Yiannis, & Constantinos)
  Observatory R&D (misaakides, local)
  Communications / Infrastructure R&D (local)
  Mobile Lab
  Adafruit account (local)
  OONI chapter (misaakides)


  Leeds Hackspace Membership Model:
  The Geek Group Membership Model /about-2/our-members/membership/
  London Hackspace Membership Model:
  Founding Document: London Hackspace:

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