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 =====  Participants ​ ===== =====  Participants ​ =====
-Co-ordinator: ​observer ​\\+ observer, maria, [[wiki:​user:​misaakidis|misaakidis]],​ [[wiki:​user:​local|local]],​ nseps, costas, kyriakos ​
 ===== Meeting summary and action items  ===== ===== Meeting summary and action items  =====
 +*IRC: For access so you can change topic can be obtained by having a registered nick on freenode and contact Prometheas
 +*Facebook: Cover photo to updated & send it to everyone, check the colours. Start using our group #hack66
 +*Events ideas: Contact Tomash for a presentation of his work and also contact Qpolitics for a presentation
 +*Seedbombing:​ Technical difficulties with the console resolved(nee can show costas so he wont have to wait for ccmc)
 +*Party/​hackanoon:​ Find date. Decide on what kind of party can be done. A [[http://​hackanoon.com/​|hackanoon]] event with after party 
 +*Github: Push code on [[https://​github.com/​hack66|Github]]
 ===== Next meeting ====== ===== Next meeting ======
 [[wiki:​event:​beerasm:​2014_05_14|General Assembly - 14 May 2014]] [[wiki:​event:​beerasm:​2014_05_14|General Assembly - 14 May 2014]]