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VVVV Multimedia Visual Programming workshop

20/5, 21/5 and 23/5, 17:00-21:00

hack66 Location

Are you interested in interactivity; in finding creative ways to use it in theater, during live performances and installations or even for video mapping?

This workshop will introduce you to the basic concepts for creating interactivity in art using the VVVV visual programming toolkit;
an environment specifically designed for creative use, which allows fast and flexible runtime editing without syntax errors. If you never tried programming - here called patching - you will love VVVV. If you tried programming before, you will love it even more. VVVV is similar to Max/Msp or PureData.
No previous knowledge of programming is required; the workshop is for absolute beginners. 

Prior to the workshop please bring your own laptop with the Windows operating system and install VVVV (for non-commercial use available for free on the Website 

Participation is free of charge. Capacity is limited to 6 participants (Hack 66 members only. We will be very happy to welcome you on board if you are still not part of our group! Join this wiki and the [#hack66] Mailing List, our Beer Assembly - beer.asm or hang out on #hack66 IRC Channel).
Send an email with a small intro about you and why you are interested/will be benefited by attending at

The workshop will be held in English. The Workshop instructor is Andrej Boleslavsky.