Project List 2016

Rough Criteria for distributing our funds (1250eur)

1. Alignment with our strategic goals (!)
2. Value to the community
3. Return on investment

What we need from the project Runners

Wiki update: Project definition, timeline & documentation
Keep discussing & developing the project / Wednesday feedback: Don’t let it fall through, let the community help when you’re stuck, and if for whatever reason you need to drop off, make sure the project handed onwards instead of abandoned
We’ll figure this out case by case, but we’re thinking of giving half the money upfront, where necessary, and then figuring out the rest with receipts. (in review)

List of Projects

Essential equipment / Backup Fund: 100 EUR
hack66 drone racing track: 100 EUR (backup)
Audio/visual lab in a case: 70 - 100 EUR
EWANC (Emergency Wireless Area Network Cyprus): Scavenged! EUR
Sepos's Aeroponics Experiment 500 EUR
CNC 400-500 EUR

hack66 drone racing track

Runner: NW

Drone racing track as hack66's next kickass project, w/ lazors. The track is designed to assess drone speed, agility, user reflexes, and flying technique.
Time: dusk to night-time

Execution timeline
Preliminary Event Date: August
Bring in community: April
Establish location: March - mid April
Design course: April - June
Promote event: May - August
Materials acquisition: June
2-day construction event: mid-July

100EUR team expenses
Materials: reclaimed or donated

Rope / String / Wire

1km circular racetrack for FPV & non-FPV drones.
Lit obstacles defining course / LED loops
Power Supply / battery
Lighting support


Documentation Lab

Runner: Camerlenco

Project description
A decent cam for documenting the awesomeness

Essential / Shared Equipment

[-D: donation]

3 Soldering Stations
Multimeter -D
Screwdrivers -D
4 Cutters -D

Budget ?


Emergency Wireless Area Network Cyprus (manual)
Runner: J, C, n

Replicable prototype of a standalone unit enabling independent IP communication during emergency.
Standalone unit comprising of:

RF antenna - (recommended Bluetooth Smart), $17-50
Photovoltaic power generator $10-30
Rotary manual power generator: 5 Euro from LIDL
Battery pack for standby power Li-ion battery ~20-50000mah for RF, 10000mah for Bluetooth smart
HTTP FTP server and IP routing ? Raspberry Pi / Beaglebone Black /… ~50 dollars

Equipment presumptions
Multimeter: 50-60EUR
Soldering iron with station: 16-25EUR (Hobbyking)

Execution timeline:
April research and design
May acquisition of prototype materials
June build and testing


-Wireless Community network -
-wlan slovenija -
-NYCwireless -
-Network Commons -
-The Wireless Commons Manifesto - Crow, Barbara, Michael Longford, and Kim Sawchuk. 2010. The Wireless Spectrum: The Politics, Practices, and Poetics of Mobile Media. University of Toronto Press.


Runner: Sepos

Project Description
Production of aeroponic system, with open documentation of the process. Proof of concept & research of the technology. Open hardware with a vision for electronics optimisation / regulation.

Prototype specs:
water pumps (x)
accumulator (piestiko)
nozzles (x)
solenoid valve
misc hydrolic equipment

Timeline Execution
M1: Collection of materials
M2-3: Building
M4-5: Testing

500 EUR

Return to the community
How-tos, showing you explaining how you implement shit and stuff and maybe explaining different concepts… both generic and specific to your project. AV stuff is the future! Fuck text!

Aeroponics day



Runners: Y, M

Project description
Construct CNC machine

400-500EUR estimate
250 + plastiko + …

Execution Timeline
PLA plastic!! or PET.. not ABS


Remember the Kleidonia project?