Phygital Prototypes

What is a Prototype

According to the Project Description:

“The pilot programmes will design and prototype new open solutions, in the form of Minimum Viability Products that could initiate entrepreneurial practices, focusing on different fields on each area, namely: agriculture (Greece); social arts practices (Cyprus); and cultural heritage (Albania).”

“The PHYGITAL target groups include restless entrepreneurs and freelancers seeking to make a difference; local SMEs and micro-enterprises, farmers, artists and cultural stakeholders, as well as individuals, activists, hobbyists and communities contributing to collaborative and open source projects and the wider public. In general, more people motivated to work on making a positive social impact, by co-designing and co-producing new solutions for local challenges and openly sharing the benefits.”

How to submit a Prototype

Prototypes will be
- uploaded on the Phygital Online Platform developed by GFOSS (,
- those selected will be exhibited in the Phygital Exhibition, organised by the University of Nicosia Research Foundation in collaboration with Lakatamia Municipality.