General Assembly - 30 April 2014


  1. Announcements
    • 13-19/4 weekly report
    • 20-26/4 weekly report
    • Seedbombing report
    • Kinect/vvvv workshop
  2. Infrastructure
    • Assembly Structure / booking assembly coordinators
    • Server update
  3. Events
    • Event decision structure
    • (event leaders, event working groups)
    • Monthly MozCoffee
    • Tech trash exchange in public space
    • LinkSCEEM workshop
    • Git and Unix workshop (by Software Carpentry)
  4. Discussion
    • Logo
    • Push projects to #hack66 repo
  5. Open Floor


local, observer, thrasos, maria, Nicolas C., nseps, costas
irc: marios, kyriakos

Meeting summary and action items

1. Announcements
1.1. 13-19/4 weekly report: Idees gia Projects na staloun to mailing list (see events section)
1.2. 20-26/4 weekly report: Itan argia! (see events section)
1.3. Seedbombing report (see events section)
1.4. Events to attend:
1.4.1. LinkSCEEM workshop. Check out CYTerra, LinkSceem - See Marios's email:
1.4.2. Git and Unix workshop (by Software Carpentry) - Also see Marios's email. 1.4.4. Kinect/VVVV workshop: 22May: Artos is giving hack66 booking priority: concerns here: if there are limited place the feeling here is that hack66 shouldn’t take them up, there may be others who will find it more valuable. Even so: we will have a strong presense.

2. Infrastructure
2.1. Assembly Structure / booking assembly coordinators
Ti kamnoume ama tha eimaste kleistoi?
The co-ordinator deals with it: each assembly we arrange who will be coordinating next time. Coordinator tin alli vdomada Observer!
Ideally we have a coordinator, a minute-taker, & someone in charge of tech
(oi opws simera pou en prixtiko epeidi kamnei multitasking i local - ampa & afinna to e3w pou to minutes!)
2.2. Server update: karteroumen to Pote en na to kamoumen collocate. Trexei to o Achilleas. Plan B: no fallback so far, alla stin periptwsi pou den arxizoumen na stelloumen emeis san hack66 aitiseis poji poda. Kyriakos: an den mas afisei i Cyta o Kyriakos vallei to sto magazi i sto spiti tou me IP exwteriko: Upload: Compuagora: douleia 4upload. Nikolas tha milisei me ton Achillea gia to status tou collocation.

3. Events being organised
3.1. Event organisation Best Practices:
Event leaders will begin Threads on Mailing List to see if there are responses & arrange Working Group meetings.
3.2. Events planned:
3.2.1. Thrasos: Telos tou mina Party gia Fundraising:
Notes: If we ever need to cook anything: catering: Nicolas C. tis sxaras, manitari, halloumi! Fundraising: donations, & kouti, mpyres to get funds: Either in public space or if in Artos, it would be good to use tin Artos Cafe. Costas: we could get Know-how pou tin Outopia for Street Parties.
3.2.3. Costas: MYCY - Seedbombing
Notes: En na kanonisei na mathei ta koumpouthkia & na mas mathei & mas (kapou eshei enan How-To gia to MYCY).
Afterwards will call a workshop for developing a programme of shows.
3.2.4. Local, Observer: TrashTech / Old Technology recycling
Notes: In public space. Nikolas C: Could integrate with Oikogiorti: 11 Mai: Parko akadimias: add technology recycling.
Nikolas C: Eshei kanenas enan palio keyboard ibm mixaniko (eprolavan ton o Nikolas S. & o Observer). Costas: integrate with Utopia know-how.
Nicolas C:TEPAK, Solar Power
3.2.5. Sep: Pws na xrisimopoieis LINUX gia sygkekrimena target groups. Polles meres, planning. Installation: Nicolas C: LINUX for the whole family - 2 hour learning curve.
3.2.6. Sep: Workshop DIY Arduino
3.2.7. Marios: Monthly MozCoffee

4. Next week’s agenda / Leftover Items / Other
4.2.Push projects to #hack66 repo - github
4.3.Kyriakos: Workshops: find workshop leaders for each topic

Next meeting