General Assembly - 14 May 2014


  • Connect with virtual participants
  • Announcements
  • Infrastructure
  • Events
  • Open Floor

From last week:


Co-ordinator: local

Meeting summary and action items


Participants: local, nseps, maria, kyriakos, costas, observer, misaakidis

1. Connecting/ed..
2.1. Seedbombing Report
Costas is running the Seedbombing
Schedulling page:
2.2. Nseps: Server - this week. Waiting for Update from Achilleas.
2.3. “To maskaralliki gia tin portan” me NFC or cards
3. Infrastructure
Apologies gia ton kalatho, koma na paw IKEA (localii)
Se kapoian fasin na milisoumen & gia ta services pou tha parexei o server (nseps)
28 May, 17:30 - Wiki Development Day: Hack66 Services Section, Support, Frontpage
4. Events
Technology Recycling Party (besides the old one) Hackanoon / Hackaday (WHEN?) 5. Open Floor Wiki! get registered and create user page, add projects (discuss on a possible event for wiki editing)

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