Not(es) on Innovation

hack66 was challenged by ARTos to take on something along the lines of “Innovation Night” at the Structure. We talked about the abused keyword aspect of the thing, and then camerlengo started talking about how copyrighting and patenting have historically been used to delay development, and nsep connected this with issues of organic vs. closed growth in relation to open vs corporate structures. So we have a lot to go on!

(All your innovation are belong to us).

Notes on accelerating innovation through openness

ARTos's challenge day: Wednesday June 15

These could be presentations, but we're thinking of them as themes some of us are collecting material on.
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Innovation beyond the keyword
Patents & copyright delaying innovation
Open growth vs closed source / organic growth vs corporative development practices
Decentralisation of manufacturing with open hardware / DG-ML
Creativity and open organisational practices
Also featuring Henry: on his experiences in London the idea of a culture eating itself through manufactured story telling and the valuing of newness above all else.