seedbomb | #sporovomva

An abstract, participatory, open source project on technology, music,and other things.
Μαζίν πιάννουμεν πράματα, ιδέες, ότι νά ‘ναι, βοηθούμεν τα να δυναμώσουν, & ελευθερώννουμεν τα.
Here's the schedule:

#hack66's parent project: seedbomb/sporovomva w/ @misaakidis & @neeuqii
Broadcasting at and MYCYradio.
A series of experimental, participatory podcasts with news and other things focusing on technology & openness.

Podcast archives: since July 2013, before July 2013

Notable podcasts:
Consensus: April 2nd [insert link] [greek]