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I work on the commons and I come from the arts.
Totally serious about campaigning for the role of hack66 Chief Communication's Officer [update: I got it. It's official. I may have changed my mind.]

A while ago I co-ordinated an early digital humanities unconference / hackathon in Cyprus (THATCamp Cyprus 2011). Before that I organised a exhibition/snapshot/chronicle of Cy online memes in real space (Curating the Virtual, NIMAC, 2008), which included a live projection of #cyprus on IRC, Undernet, of which I really wish I had kept some documentation.
I have a long-standing frustration with matters of transparency, access to information, and the state of the commons in a general sense. I also have a PhD in Cultural Studies focusing on the politics of public art, an MA in design / applied imagination in the creative industries, and a BA in philosophy.
My primary medium is text.
I sometimes write things which I never finish but share anyway.


Current projects