KOSTAS zero / kostas 0 Camerlengo

When i have choose a number to add to my name for this page i choose zero (0) , it is a number that add value to any other number if is in the right position . ! i believe there is a parallelism about me , my virtues and vices can give and add value to a team < if in the right position > after all i am a team player who enjoying be part of a team cause of the boost taking from the others,and the grader achievements produced by the collective wisdom .

Both equally important

Virtues: Mechanical Engineering background , knowledge of Manufacturing Processes , drafter and 3D modeler evolving to a mechanical designer , CAD/CAM Systems (Autocad solidworks ) , Fluent in 3 languages English- Italian –Greek , Navigation license of Motor Yacht and Power Boats (Released by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of the Italian Republic).,Equipped with a radiophonic voice suitable for broadcasting from http://mycyradio.eu/ <Seedbombing for hack66>)patience enough to listen TRINGIDES worst anegdote.

Vices: still evolving to new thinks , Mechanical Engineering background , good writing skills at neither , Not in proprietary of Motor Yacht and Power Boats - No extra money for renting a tender boat ,Losing the struggle VS broadcaster directional microphone of -mycyradio.eu- a radiophonic voice ch-ch-zz-tz-tzuuzz ,perfect auditory perception.!

http://listenagain.mycyradio.eu/index.php?cat=Seedbombing https://www.wordnik.com/words/radiophonic